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Our Mission

To become available the every PowerMill user no matter what the level of experience.


Continuously develop tools to simplify the day to day tasks of CNC Programmers.

Our Story

Developed to make CNC Manufacturing a much simpler and less stressful process for its users. Due to recent changes in the world sparked by Covid and inflation, it can become stressful when a productive change is mandated for the survivability of a company.


Our Plug and Play approach utilizes PowerMIll as an engine capable of complex solutions and simple interface's. Focusing the experience and unprecedented strength of PowerMill is what we do.

PM Tutor is the most advanced enhancement for PowerMill, developed by an independent power user. Upcoming generations are frustrated with all the math, knowledge, and control considered to be sacred knowledge, throttled in at selective points. We aim to make the transition from text-based desktop computer to, direct result visual based applications.

Patrick Monaco developed all the base formulas and solutions from the ground up at eye level. Strategies have been tried and tested on the manufacturing floor in real-time. When the development of this product began, the focus was to make a general baseline for creating toolpaths with a simple user interface. This idea birthed the entire concept of simplifying all front-line user tasks.

25 years of experience in CNC manufacturing gives a unique perspective into CNC
programming not common to Application Engineers. With a college education focused on Business Application Programming, scenarios were broken down and analyzed according to functionality. Manufacturing requires one entity, like a (tool or fixture component) to be utilized repeatedly in any situation. PM Tutor is made to deploy those entities with far less knowledge than previously required. The right tool for the job.

Experienced Leadership

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