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Our Services

Individual Milling Module

Individual Milling is a toolbox of solutions designed to be deployed into any solution with as little as a (Pattern or Boundary) and a Tool. Users can Import a template with the same interface while maintaining custom settings. Initial (Pattern or Boundary) is copied and can be further modified, on the fly, to each scenario without effecting core data.

Manual Fixturing Module

Manual Fixturing provides a means to move an individual module to a single or multiple points as required. Selecting a surface of a model and defining a grid spacing is all that is required to start a solution. Additional models can be connected at these  points to accommodate module fixturing to significantly reduce setup and preparation time.

ATC Manager Module

ATC Manger is an internal database system designed to provide a transparent bridge between ToolPath Programming and multiple CNC stations. Tool assignment positions can be limited to the one machine with the least amount of allowable tool pot positions. We solve this problem by allowing each station to maintain a custom assignment and adapt inside any PowerMill solution without changing the original.

Full Customer Experience Service

PM Tutor is designed to handle all data and information that can become mundane.  Users should be able to move from point "A" to point "B" without knowing how to get there. This approach is was developed to reduce frustration and increase productivity across the board. PM Tutor is a shell and PowerMill is the engine. All settings and interfaces are always present and available for advanced processing.

We Integrate With Any PowerMill

Designed to make PowerMill more job shop friendly. PM Tutor is uniquely able to open and assign itself to any PowerMill session with an assigned name. Traditionally this was limited to the first session only or using a view reducing plug-in. Allowing individual modules to launch from inside or outside any PowerMill, into an independent interface, allows users to move PM Tutor across multiple monitors, hide, and size at the users discretion as expected of any Windows Application.

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