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The New Standard in
NC Process 

Commercial Powermill addon to Simplify and Enhance Autodesk's premium 3D CAM software. Effortlessly increase the efficiency of Manufacturing and NC Programming operations. Guiding Tooling and Equipment to high performance levels.

Multi Project Connection
Tool Change

Enhance PowerMill and Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Develop your process with a proven system designed to manage information into a productive solution. Data is adjusted during steps along the process, pausing at critical points for information. Standardized forms reduce "the learning curve" by allowing users to deploy into any Solution Dynamically.

Processing  Modules

Designed to Simplify  logistical requirements. Objects such as Models or a CNC Tool are Dynamically deployed by Enhancing PowerMill Projects.

Versatility in Application

Our belief is that Automation guided by a User is the future of Mechanizable  Manufacturing. Our Automation is designed to enhance PowerMill by focusing its strength into specialized tasks.

Data Science Acceleration

Abilities and Formulas are forged with Decades of experience in various Manufacturing Industries:

Tool and Die

Plastic Molding


Aero Space

Rapid Prototype

Foam Modeling

Simplified User Experience

Diverse Technology designed to maximize a users abilities. Solutions are simplified into a building block approach.

Automated Manufacturing. Consistent Reliability.

PM Tutor is dedicated to reducing "the learning curve" for new and experienced users alike. Enhancing an existing environment ensures repeatability and constancy while, maintaining the core standards of PowerMill.

We offer a simplified approach to unite Manufacturing and CNC Machining into a comprehensive environment requiring less handling of information. A building block approach allows users to make adjustments along the process as necessary, to form an intelligent solution.

PM Tutor was developed from the ground up. Each solution was designed in the field with real results, in real time scenarios. With a diverse background ranging from Tool and Die to Rapid Prototype, solutions need to be quick and predictable.

Power of processing with Modules

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

PM Tutor was developed due to the need to produce a higher quantity of CNC Machining programs while maintaining accuracy and above all repeatability.

Milling guides users thru the process of making a successful and efficient ToolPath with much less effort. ToolPath collision detection on, all surfaces all the time, significantly reduces costly mistakes and improves product quality.

Fixturing will insert and manipulate a chosen model into multiple positions at once, while allowing the stacking of models to accommodate for modular fixturing.

ATC allows ToolChanger positions to be tracked and maintained by individual machine station(s). Supporting offsite programming is as simple as matching either a tool name or tool number. 

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